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Hello if you are looking some quick information regarding SGW MMORPG then you may want to check out our downloads where you can get you're Stargate Worlds questions answered, from the developers, or take a look at some of the screenshots from inside the SGW game... or if you are just looking for the latest devlopements and news from cheyenne mountain then check out our news section. Dont know what Stargate World's is ? then take a look at our brief description about much anticipated SGW.

Are you still curious about the Stargate Worlds then you may want to know which classes will be available to play as.....The questing system in SGW will be much different than in other MMO's so will the combat system, You will also be able to choose which faction you would like to play as (good or evil).

As with many other MMORPG's crafting will be an important part of Stargate Worlds, this will allow you to create useful items & weapons that will help you defeat the evil creatures of the Galaxy

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Stargate worlds : sgw mmorpg

Stargate Worlds is an exciting new MMORPG due to be released in Autumn 2008. This MMORPG will be based around the popular TV Series Stargate SG-1. Powered by the Unreal 3 game engine this MMORPG will allow gamers to experience first hand the Stargate Universe, you will be allowed to create you're own character and explore the various worlds that the stargate takes you to.

SGW will be different from many other MMORPG's in the fact that it won't simply be melee attacks you will have to find cover to avoid being killed by enemies, you will need to use tactics that are closer to real life. You and you're team will have to find the best spots to kill there enemy, if you get caught in the open you're chances of survival are slim.

The first release of Stargate Worlds will focus mainly on the popular SG-1 series, it is likely that Stargate Atlantis will be released as an expansion pack at a later date.

While tactical battle may be the prime focus for this game SGW MMORPG goes a little further by including puzzles and diplomacy, Just as in the TV Series which wasnt just about fighting the developers are looking to incorporate as much as they can from the well loved TV Series.

Players of Stargate Worlds will get to choose from a number of races which include (but not limited too):
Human (Good Or Bad)
Jaffa (Good or Bad)
There is not much known about what each race will be able to do as the developers have been tight lipped about what the game entails. As well as a race choice SGW players will be able to choose from a range of archetypes which will closely resemble those from the TV series i.e. a Scientist would be much like Dr Lee, Or Samantha Carter.

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